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Bitez Beaches

Akyarlar and Karaincir Beaches

These beaches are twenty-two kilometres from Bodrum, and sit near the Greek island of Kos. The winds here are ideal for windsurfing and this beach is one of the safest beaches for children on the peninsula. ... read more

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Camel Beach

Sitting in a southerly direction on the peninsula, Camel beach is a fine stretch of sand with wonderful views. It is accessible by boat or a dolmus but since it is located quite far from a lot of the other cities and towns, there are a lot less peopl ... read more

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Ortakent (Muskebi) Beach

Ortakent Beach boasts the peninsula's longest stretch of sand, making it ideal for a long, lazy walk. The beach is so clean that it has been awarded a Blue Flag award. ... read more

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Bitez beach

Bitez is a sandy stretch of fine sand, situated close to Bodrum town centre and Gumbet. Its winds make it ideal for wind surfing as well as making the temperature more bearable in the afternoon. Due to this cool breeze, this beach is home to some of ... read more

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Gumusluk Beach

Gumusluk is the furthest bay from Bodrum town centre, at twenty six kilometres. After Kadikalesi, it is the oldest settlement. To one side of the headland is a sandy beach with beachside restaurants and sunbeds. ... read more

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Yalikavak (Sandima) Beach

Yalikavak's waters are ideal for water sports and yachting. The harbour used to be for local fishermen, but now the places are rented to all types of vessels from many countries. Monachus seals are protected in this coastal area. The coastline re ... read more

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Gundogan (Farilya)

Gundogan is 18km from Bodrum. It is very close to the ancient Leleg city called Madnasa. Farilya means 'Sunrise' in Turkish. Gundogan also means 'Sunrise' hence the name. There are many establishments along the coast and a small harbour for chart ... read more

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Turkbuku Beach

Turkbuku's beach gained fame after it topped the Sunday Times published a list of Europe's 10 best beach party destinations. "It's small, not too well known, not too busy, but boy, its glam. In other words, hurry to Turkbuku before it becomes too St ... read more

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Torba Beach

Just five kilometres from Bodrum Town centre, Torba beach is sandy and the sea is a fabulous blue. ... read more

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This bay is 20km from Bodrum Town Centre, and it is surrounded by forest and sea. The area has many hotels, restaurants and new buildings. Guvercinlik bay, protected by Salih Island, offers all water sports, particularly water-skiing. ... read more

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Gumbet beach

Although relatively small, there is much to do at Gumbet beach. Located close to the centre of Bodrum, it is easily accessible and there are many facilities close at hand. The beach itself is a very clean stretch of curving sand that is lined with ho ... read more

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Bardakci Beach

Bardakci is the nearest bay and beach to Bodrum town centre and easily reached by sea or land. Take a boat from Bodrum Marina or a dolmus from the streets. The beach is sandy and many villas and houses have been built beside it. The original nati ... read more

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