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Antalya becoming more popular as a tourist destination

Already marked as one of the top tourism destinations in Turkey and one of the most popular destinations for foreigners, Antalya is continuing to grow and attract more visitors year on year. .... read more


Antalya ranked among best places for luxury yacht production

Antalya in Turkey has been ranked as one of the top global locations for luxury yacht production in the world. .... read more


A boost for Antalya's maritime sector

The climate couldn’t be better for owners of homes in this up and coming region. The economy is booming, Antalya  investors are arriving in their droves for properties and the holiday market is flourishing beyond belief. Foreign influx means modern homes are selling like .... read more


Post-recession Antalya offers top investment potential

Experts are claiming that investing in post-crash Turkey is a wise choice. .... read more


With 3 million visiting Antalya, investment is looking up

The number of foreign tourists visiting Antalya this year by air has almost hit three million. .... read more


Antalya, a centre for Low Cost and High Quality Health Care

Medical Tourism eyes Antalya as a major candidate for 2010 and beyond. .... read more

You are viewing results 1 to 6 of 6 1 
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