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Konyaalti District with Konyaalti beach and Taurus mountains
Konyaalti District with Konyaalti beach and Taurus mountains
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Antalya beach City
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Antalya city Summary
Where is Antalya City?
The city of Antalya, home to almost two million people, stretches along Antalya bay at thirty-nine metres above sea level. The Taurus Mountains rise to over 3000 metres above this coastline, wrapping Antalya City like a cradle. Altogether the blue sky, the mountains, precipices and caves create a naturally beautiful vista. The views from the old yacht harbour of Antalya (known as Antalya Yat Limani) are dramatic.

Why buy a property in Antalya City?
The fast rate of urbanisation and the increase of employment in tourism and other service sectors have transformed the city into an international resort centre, and thirty percent of foreign tourists who travel to Turkey visit the Antalya region.

The area's history reaches back into antiquity. It was formerly part of the Pamphilia region, neighbouring ancient Lycia, Pisidia and Cilicia.

What is there to do in Antalya City?
Besides the archaeological sites, there are three national parks and three specially protected areas within the province. An environmental plan has been put into place to ensure that the area's eco-systems are protected during this growth period.

Antalya's plant life is rich and abundant. Every kind of tropical plant can be found along the coast, and visitors are struck by the size of the enormous cactuses. The foothills of the Taurus Mountains are covered in the typical Mediterranean maquis, while the forests are full of oaks and pine trees. The plains are full of cotton, sesame, banana and citrus plantations.

In Antalya the four seasons appear on the calendar only: there is no real winter here. When snow fell for the first time in sixty years in 1985, it was front page news. The summers are hot and dry while the other months are warm and often rainy, with a mean annual temperature of eighteen degrees Celsius. A typical year sees the sun shine on Antalya for 309 days. It is very rare for the temperature to drop below zero, and the average humidity rate is sixty-four percent. In the last forty years the temperature has reached as high as forty-four degrees.

The region has attracted a number of ancient civilisations, and has been known as 'heaven on earth' since the first century BC. This naturally elegant place was only bettered by the arrival of different cultures, which augmented Antalya's natural wealth with their own cultural attributes.

Antalya has its own airport that operates all year round. There are direct flights here from many UK airports, although smaller airports may offer flights via Istanbul.

Overall impression of Antalya City:
Those looking for investment properties can expect to receive a good rental income from property in Antalya. As it is a large city, potential tenants are not only tourists, but locals who work in the city. Antalya's two major coastal suburbs, Konyaalti and Lara, present investors with a lucrative opportunity. These two areas, particularly Konyaalti, are attracting wealthy professionals who seek proximity to the city as well as a coastal lifestyle.

These tidy, well-developed areas are likely to see significant growth in the future and potential investors should take note of these opportunities.

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Antalya City Population:
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800000 Peak:

Antalya City's population was a mere 275,000 in the late 80s. Antalya's population is now over one million and growing at a very fast pace. As the city expands toward Side and Kemer, districts such as Konyaalti and Lara are becoming prime residential areas for the city's up-and-coming population.
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Antalya City Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 16° 27° 35° 21°

Like the rest of the Antalya region, Antalya City experiences long summers and mild winters. It doesn't rain much during the summer; most of the year's rain falls during the winter months, resulting in a whopping 309 sunny days each year.

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