Antalya Archaeology Museum

The museum has some incredible artefacts.
The museum has some incredible artefacts.

You cannot miss this museum. One of Turkey's largest and most important museums, it includes thirteen exhibition halls and an open-air gallery. The number of artefacts displayed is absolutely staggering, and you can see anything from fossils to kitchen utensils.

The museum?s history is an interesting one. At the end of World War I, when the city was under Italian military occupation, Italian archaeologists began to remove the archaeological treasures found in the city centre. These workers took the artefacts to the Italian embassy, claiming they were doing so 'in the name of civilisation'. The sultan's teacher, Suleyman Fikri Bey, got wind of this initiative and managed to get himself appointed as voluntary curator of antiquities, collecting what was left in the centre and establishing the Antalya Museum.

If you have children, they will love visiting the Children's hall, the first of its kind in Turkey. Here you can see various children's toys and antiques. There's also a hands-on element, with opportunities to draw and even attempt a bit of sculpting in the studio section.

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