Ancient city of Notion

Much of Notion is still being uncovered.
Much of Notion is still being uncovered.

This is your chance to see an excavation in progress.

Located on top of a hill by Ahmetbeyli Beach, the city covers a large area over two hills. The settlement dates back to the sixth century BC. During the Peloponnasian wars in the fifth century BC the city played a crucial role, serving as a naval base for Athenians.

Notion's harbour was considered an alternative to nearby Ephesus, but never became as popular.

During Roman times the city became prosperous, and many buildings were constructed. However, as the harbour began to fill with silt, trade ceased and Notion lost its importance.

Excavation of the city began in 1921 by a French team, which worked for a year, uncovering the Sanctuary of Athena. In 1985 a Turkish team unearthed the city theatre and the northern necropolis, but stopped after a year after the sudden death of the head of the team. In 1992 work began again, this time by an Austria-US team. The team cleared much of the vegetation that covered Notion and began to unlock the secrets of the city.

The city you can see today looks like an acropolis and is surrounded by four-kilometre long city walls. Most of the city walls are now revealed, and visitors will notice Notion's two main gates open onto the harbour.
You can also see the Temple of Athena, which is in good condition. A six-thousand-capacity theatre has also been uncovered.

Notion is around thirty kilometres north of Kusadasi, and minibuses depart regularly from the minibus station.

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