Ancient city of Miletus

Explore the ruins at Miletus.
Explore the ruins at Miletus.

Miletus was an important Ionian city for 1400 years until 700 AD. One of the Seven Sages of Greece, 'the founder of science' Thales of Miletus made his contributions in the fields of geometry and astronomy here in the fifth century BC. It is also famous for its forward-thinking design - Miletus was the first settlement to be laid out in a street grid plan, a revolutionary idea at the time, and later copied by the Romans.

Miletus was a great port, bringing riches to its people from all around the world. However, this ended when the harbour filled with alluvium from the Meander River, making trade impossible.

Nowadays, the former harbour is covered in cotton fields. While you're wandering around, try and imagine the great ships docking here.
The must-see here is the ancient theatre. It is not only huge, but beautifully preserved. When you gaze at the 15,000-capacity complex, consider the effort in hand-building such a structure on flat ground.

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