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Altinkum Beaches
Altinkum Beaches
Altinkum Market
Altinkum Beaches
Altinkum Beaches
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Altinkum Summary
Altinkum's name is very fitting. Meaning 'golden sands', the area is famous for its three long, golden beaches. Altinkum is a very popular holiday destination, thanks to these sandy shores and a wide range of facilities and things to do.

Overall, it's a fun town with plenty of things to do. However, during the height of summer it can become overcrowded. The best way to describe this town would be cheap and cheerful, and that goes for property - Altinkum property is among the cheapest in Turkey.

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Altinkum Average Property Prices:
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Altinkum Population:
Off Peak:
15000 Peak:

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Altinkum Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 12° 22° 28° 10°

Altinkum's glorious summers keep visitors returning year after year. However, the winters are cold and wet, and longer than in other coastal areas.

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