Akbuk Beach

Altinkum and Akbuk Beaches
Altinkum and Akbuk Beaches


Altinkum and Akbuk are two towns situated close each other on the Aegean Sea. Although the two towns lie close to each other, their beaches are quiet diverse.
Altinkum (translated to Golden Sand) is truly a long beach with fine golden sand, and plenty of restaurants and bars lining it's beach front. Akbuk on the other hand, has smaller beaches and bays and is surrounded by sloping forests of olives and pine clad trees. These geographical features provide much scenic views from the beach, so you will be able to cherish them whilst you soak up the sun on the beach. However in comparison to Altinkum there isn't as much variety of food and drink here - though English and Turkish cuisines are readily available.

These beaches also have a mystical air to them since it is believed that the god Apollo and goddess Artemis were born here. Local amenities can be accessed in the towns.

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