Turkey could rescue the EU according to Turkish President

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

Turkish President Abdullah Gul has stated that the Turkish bid to become a full member of the European Union is currently stronger than ever.

In an interview with the British daily Financial Times, Gul said: “Some people may think that Turkey would be a burden for the EU, but I believe it to be just the contrary: Turkey would be the engine for the growth of the EU.” Gul stated that Turkey’s bid for EU membership is strong both politically and economically.

Gul also stated that Ankara is only thinking of nothing else but successfully completing the formal negotiations to become an EU member. However, surveys taken suggest that the Turkish population are not as keen as Gul to join the EU. Research found that 60 percent of Turkish nationals are against the EU membership whilst only 35 percent believe that Turkey will actually eventually become a full-fledged member to the European Union.

President Gul noted that while Turkey was told in 2005 when it first began membership negotiations with the EU that it was not a functioning free-market economy, Gul said: “We had a better functioning market economy than some of the other member states of the EU at the time.”

Gul added that with the improvement of democracy in Turkey and the current strength of Turkish economy, he believes the EU accession negotiation process and the reform process taking place has played a huge role in Turkey’s recent success. These reforms were noted in the EU’s 2011 progress report on Turkey last month.

Gul summarised: “I always tell our friends in the EU: If a Muslim country that is economically strong and democratically strong joins, would that be to your advantage or disadvantage? First think about it and then decide.”

One thing is for sure, Turkey is currently in a strong position economically speaking. The EU on the other hand seems to be crumbling with the weak Euro. The joining of Turkey as a member to the EU could soften the financial situation in the EU right now. Turkey is prime for membership to the EU, but does Turkey really NEED to be in the EU? The Turkish population seem to think not. Turkey could also do well to stay as they are: uniquely situated in the world, growing and developing at a steady rate, becoming a power nation in the region. Whatever happens, should Turkey become a member of the EU or not, you feel that the sun will not stop shining on the Turkey either way.