Services by recommended solicitors in Turkey


As part of our service we, as Place Overseas, introduce our clients to qualified and Turkish consulate registered lawyers/solicitors in each region of Turkey.  Although you are not obliged by law to use the services of a solicitor during your property purchase in Turkey, we highly recommend that you do.  There are several important checks and legal matters that are best dealt with by an independent legal body.  

Please see below a copy of the service pack generally provided by our recommended solicitors in Turkey.  (This is an extract from our recommended lawyers in Bodrum)

Our expertise in General

The main focus of our practice consists of property and construction law, commercial law, company law (establishment, joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions), inheritance law, comparative law and competition law. We provide legal service to foreign investors and private individuals interested in purchasing property in Turkey.

Property law requires knowledge of rigid and mandatory local rules and regulations. We concentrate on the interests of our clients and strive for minimising the risks inherent in dealing with acquisition of real property, including risks relating to title, survey and environmental matters as well as to help real estate brokers and agents.

As an independent legal firm, we have a team of five people regarding three attorneys at law and two paralegal with a portfolio of experience to resolve issues in a professional and timely manner.

Our services regarding acquisition of property by foreign nationals are as follows:

  1. We provide legal services on contracts in all steps in regard to due diligence (investigation on title deed and financial conditions of developer) drafting, preparing, closing according to Turkish Law. We also verify and approve contracts prepared by the Seller.
  2. We supervise progress of constructions in all legal and bureaucratic aspects.
  3. We assist the transfer of the property title to the name of Buyer by way of completing the sale at the Land Registry Office.
  4. All necessary transactions to be held on Buyer's behalf regarding acquisition of a real property can be dealt with by means of a Power of Attorney which can be executed before a Notary Public. In case you are capable to execute the Power of Attorney in Turkey, you will need your passport photographs only. In case you are not in Turkey, we expect you to execute a Power of Attorney and a copy of your passport which has to be signed and stamped by the Notary Public and apostil led by means of the Legalization Department in your Country. Upon the translation of the Power of Attorney into Turkish we send a copy of this document and details of expenses.

Since the completion of these steps, we shall execute all acquisition process before all institutions such as Bank, Tax Office, Land Registry Office, Cadastre, Municipality and competent Army Offices.

Service Packages

Services with Power of Attorney priced 1,000 GBP consist of:

  • Execution of Power of Attorney before Notary Public
  • Assist passport translations,
  • Preparation or verification of an existing contract that have been prepared by the Developer or the Seller,
  • Preparation or verification of the reservation contract and purchasing agreement in Turkish, English, Dutch, Russian etc.
  • Due diligence as concerns whether the property has a title deed, planning permission and situation plan and checking on the title whether the property affected by debts, pledges, liens or any encumbrances.
  • Acquiring tax number from the Tax Office,
  • Arrangements of bank transfers,
  • Application before Army Office for military clearance and preparation of relevant documents before Cadastre, Municipality and Land Registry Office.
  • Routine check of the military clearance every week before Land Registry Office.
  • Arrangements for the transfer of the title and payment of the purchase tax,
  • Maintain compulsory earthquake insurance.

Services without Power of Attorney priced 400 GBP consist of:

  • Verification or approval of contract prepared by developer or Seller without Power of Attorney.

Additional Services

Should you require Charge on the Title Deed 150 GBP
Should you require electricity registration 75 GBP
Should you require water registration 75 GBP
Should you require residence permit 150 GBP

Full Service Package priced 1,450 GBP to include all of the above

Note: Prices Excl. % 18 VAT and expense (Notary,Tapu,Military Clear.,Cadastre etc. )