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Turkey gives one year residence permit on property purchase

Effective April 2013, if you buy real estate in Turkey you will automatically receive residence permit for one full year. This is great news for those looking for anew country of residence whether for tax reasons or for simply relocation. It is one of several steps taken by the Turkish government to ease up residency in Turkey and also encourage foreign direct investment particularly acquisition of Turkish properties by foreign nationals as investments and second homes. .... read more


Lock stock and barrel new home in Turkey for Ormonds

Heart to heart with Karen and Derek from Oxfordshire, UK, who made their move to Turkey lock stock and barrel 25 years after their best summer ever. Read their story, find out how and why they purchased their new home in Turkey .... read more


Useful links about Turkey

From main geographical regions of Turkey to living in Turkey, tax matters, major airports, historic places and much more .... read more


Things we do for you that other agents can't

Place Overseas, leading independent property agents specialising in Turkey, is uniquely positioned to provide you with the best possible service in Turkey real estate market. Please .... read more


Useful Turkish language tips

Turkish isn’t an easy language to learn, but it's worth picking up a few words and phrases to amuse yourself and to astonish and delight Turks! This may even come in handy when you are bargaining for your Turkish property. Although our Turkey Property consultants helping y .... read more


Living in Turkey

Sunshine, friendly people and a low cost of living make Turkey a hugely desirable place in which to buy a property.  Turkey, where east meets west, with steadily growing wealth and economy, is now a top overseas home buyer destination.   Turkey may border the volatile Midd .... read more


Turkey Frontier Formalities

Passport and Visas Nationals of the following countries can enter Turkey with a valid passport; a visa is not required : Up to 3 Months : Germany, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, United Arab Emirates, D .... read more


Turkey Map and Turkey Regions

Turkey is made up of 7 geographical regions, three of which are very familiar to overseas home buyers and others still relatively undiscovered. .... read more


Turkey Property Inspection Trip Enquiry

Our Turkey property inspection trips are subsidised through our travel associates in the UK and our hotels in Turkey. Our inspection trip packages are as follows: .... read more


Services by recommended solicitors in Turkey

As part of our service we, as Place Overseas, introduce our clients to qualified and Turkish consulate registered lawyers/solicitors in each region of Turkey.  Although you are not obliged by law to use the services of a solicitor during your property purchase in Turkey, we highly recomme .... read more


A step by step guide to Turkey property purchase process

Property purchasing process in Turkey is straight forward and incidental costs of purchase happen to be one of the lowest in Europe.  The following is our step by step guide to a smooth and safe purchase process, tried an .... read more


About Place Overseas

Place Overseas International, independent Turkish property agents, is head-quartered in the UK with offices in most property regions of Turkey and North Cyprus, including Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan, Istanbul and Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Our marketing & sales teams are based .... read more


Is my pension taxable in Turkey?

Unlike Spain and France, Turkey does not tax your pension from your home country. You can live in Turkey as an ex-pat and earn your pensions gross of any tax .... read more


Turkish inheritance tax applicable to spouses and family members

There is inheritance tax applicable in Turkey on the estate of a Turkish expat. Spouses are subject to inheritance tax therefore careful planning and a will needs to be made .... read more


Turkish residence permit

Turkish residency is not automatic upon property purchase. There is a process of application and granting of residency permits to non Turkish nationals .... read more


Turkish residency visas, bringing items to Turkey, pets, motor vehicles and transferring money in/out of Turkey

Residence visas If you plan to live in Turkey you will require a residence visa. You need to apply for this at least eight weeks before you plan to enter the country. This entails sending the necessary documents to the Turkish Consulate General. After y .... read more


Do I need to have a Turkish bank account?

Why do I need a bank account? Turkish regulations state that any transaction exceeding 8000 Turkish Lira (around 3700 Euros) must be made through the bank or the post office. Completing payments this way allows you to keep records of your property-buyin .... read more


Buying property in Turkey

Buying a place overseas in the sun has always held great appeal for Europeans, with Spain, France and Italy at the top of the list as natural destinations. However, the increased demand for property in these countries means they are now very expensive, and buyers looking for a lifestyle change .... read more


Bank interest rates on Turkish Lira accounts

  Turkish Lira (YTL) still continues to deliver high returns on deposit accounts.  Up to 20% Turkish Lira account interest rates are no longer around, however, rates are still exceptionally high and .... read more


Brief history of Turkey

Turkey is a treasure chest of ancient history. Open it and discover the events and people who have shaped this varied land. Turks originated from northeastern Asia, specifically the Altai Mountains a .... read more

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