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A Turkish spa fit for a Sultan in Dubai

A hammam is one of those quintessentially Turkish institutions - but why be limited by geography? If you find yourself in Dubai don't miss the chance to get pampered, Sultan-style at the Rixos Hotel's Royal Spa, a new Turkish hammam designed by Turkish hotel giant Rixos. Indulge yourselves... .... read more


How to dive into running a home hotel in Bodrum Turkey

"We just decided to dive straight into our new home and hotel in Bodrum Turkey in 2007. Five years on now and we would do it all over again if we had to. It was horrifying to start with, no hotel management experience, new country, new set of rules, brand new chapter in our lives. But we did it and we loved every moment of it. You are welcome to our home hotel in Turkey - Hotel Robinda - check us out in google, look up boutique hotels in Bodrum, you'll see us there". .... read more


Turkish Golf Regions

A brief look at where one can play golf in Turkey and also enjoy a superb climate .... read more


Antalya one of world's top 5 destinations - UN

Top five travel destinations in the world include Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey as per UN's World Tourist Organisation .... read more


Is Bodrum or Kalkan better for a home in Turkey

Should you buy a home in Kalkan or would a property in Bodrum be more suitable? All depends on what you are after. Are you merely after real estate investment in Turkey or looking for a lifestyle choice? Do you fancy small intimate places, where life rotates around a small antique harbour as well as your very own pool or would you rather have more colour and diversity, some sailing or may be lots of it, a bit of island hopping. Are you looking for a year round home in Turkey or just a few weeks holiday in the sun with plenty of rental income rest of the summer season? Should you go for Bodrum or Kalkan? .... read more


New KDV tax up to 18% uplift in Turkish property prices

New KDV tax rate increase in Turkey may mean up to 18% increase in property prices. Cameron Deggin of Place Overseas points out how potential investors may escape this in the short - medium term by investing selectively in Istanbul .... read more


Turkish real estate market grows 1.5 percent in 2012

Turkish real estate market continues to post year on year growth .... read more


Turkish property continues impressive month on month growth

Turkish property prices are growing on a monthly basis, posting impressive numbers in a market otherwise hit hard by the worldwide financial crisis. .... read more


Israel compensate Turkey for Gaza Flotilla raid

Israel Turkey Diplomatic Conflict Reverses After Israel agrees to a formal apology and compensation for the Gaza Flotilla raid of 31 May 2010, where 8 Turkish nationals and one American national was killed. Another victory for Turkish politics and a steeper graph for positive cash-flows. Someone knows exactly what cards to play and when.... .... read more


Istanbul Turkey voted the new European Financial Centre by London

Place Overseas reports that Lord Mayor Gifford of the City of London hails Istanbul Turkey as the new European Financial Centre and provides full support. This is excellent news for investors eyeing up to invest property in Istanbul. The city has experienced a slight slow-down so it is time to grab some Istanbul real estate before prices inevitably escalate as the city climbs further upwards and outwards.. .... read more


Where to invest in Istanbul and what to avoid

Road to Istanbul is paved with gold according to old Turkish folk songs and so it seems according to some would be investors. Question is - are we sold a big fat lie or is there indeed substance to Istanbul's claim to fame as top investment destination in the world? .... read more


Too Late For BitCoin But Right On Time For Turkey's Banks

Is there anyone here who has not heard of BitCoin? If not, you should check it out right now, interesting concept, a reality built over a total non-reality if I may. However, since it was introduced, its Dollar value keeps on increasing. Yes, BitCoin could be the new currency in a troubled system. Having said that, it seems some seriously savvy investors would rather put their money in Turkey's banks and Turkish real estate than BitCoin. Despite the graph! We ask why... .... read more


Investing in Turkey Real Estate, Meat or Just Stuffing?

Place Overseas asks the question - is investing in real estate in Turkey the real McCoy or just stuffing for Christmas Turkey. Will it pay off in the long run to put your money in bricks and mortar in Turkey - Is Turkey property the real meat. Well find out for yourselves... .... read more


GCC news says Smart Real Estate Investors Are Pouring Into Turkey

Place Overseas quotes GCC news in an article about real estate in Turkey - smart money is pouring into Turkey according to GCC. Are we surprised? Not at all, investors should wake up and smell the coffee, Euro zone is on its knees, Turkey is fast emerging as the best alternative investment destination .... read more


Turkey gives one year residence permit on property purchase

Effective April 2013, if you buy real estate in Turkey you will automatically receive residence permit for one full year. This is great news for those looking for anew country of residence whether for tax reasons or for simply relocation. It is one of several steps taken by the Turkish government to ease up residency in Turkey and also encourage foreign direct investment particularly acquisition of Turkish properties by foreign nationals as investments and second homes. .... read more


When will Turkey join the European Union (EU)?

A critical look at Turkey's bid for full European Union membership, from customs union with the EU to start of official accession talks in 2005 to Mr. Erdogan's speech about the EU in October 2012, Germany .... read more


2012 Turkish economy and real estate review

Turkey lifts to an all time high in 2012 as its economy grows almost double digits with a hungry property sector that turns to profit for investors. Pictured Turkey's Taner Sagir becomes the youngest world Olympic champion as he lifts the Turkish style .... read more


Turkish Airlines Dubai volume triples since 2010 says Place Overseas

From humble beginnings to aspirations of becoming the world's number 1 airline carrier, Turkish Airlines spans its wings beyond all continents. Place Overseas looks at how Istanbul - Dubai volume tripled since 2010 for Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines .... read more


Habtoor Group with Turkish Consul-General in Dubai

Ms. Elif Comoglu, the Turkish Consul-General in Dubai was officially invited to meet the Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, on 12 April 2013. Although Place Overseas can't verify whether Turkish real estate was on the agenda, we can report that the main topic of the meeting was business relations and trade between Turkey and the UAE, particularly Dubai. Currently, Turkey accounts for less than 4% of Dubai's foreign trade. We estimate this figure to reach 10% by 2016 overtaking China. .... read more


Bodrum real estate a new Turkish brand in the making

Place Overseas reviews Bodrum real estate market from 2002 to present day, April 2013. From oversupply to market with the financial crises of 2007 to rising of a new Turkish brand as Exclusive Bodrum Property profile. If you have not yet been to Bodrum, it is about time you say 'No' to St Tropez in favour of its prettier and much more affordable competitor in a warmer yet Mediterranean climate .... read more

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